After a mad rush to get out of the hotel we arrived a the airport an hour early (thanks dad! lol). The new terminal five was very diffferent we first had to check ourselves in, then we had to get the underground to get to our gate so we had no time to shop or sit down :(. Its really unfair that they walk you through business class first then you arrive at your cramped sit, admittedly we did manage to get three seats between us! So after an 11 hour flight the shuttle taxi thought it would be funny for us to spend 2 hours travelling to the hotel because he seemed to drop everyone off before us even though we were in the taxi first! oh well, after thelong journey and time changes wejust collapsed for the night.

The next morning we spent a couple of hours  trying to get our bearings we realsied that universal studios is a two minute walk up the road. It was an amazing day we went a tours, saw shows and went on all the rides but again no shopping for charlotte :(!

update you soon! lottie xxx