Checking out some volcanic activity!

Checking out some volcanic activity!



iIt smelt of eggs very bad aroundhere – lots os sulphur in the air.At Wai-O-Tepu Thermal Park

At Wai-O-Tepu Thermal Park


Having a drink in Auckland HarbourCharlotte Drinking Fizzy by Harbour

Charlotte Drinking Fizzy by Harbour


In Napier before going into aquarium – was very hotMark and Charlotte in Napier

Mark and Charlotte in Napier

This was our beach – about a 15 second walk from the beach front bure we stayed in.

Fiji Beach

Fiji Beach

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hiya everyone, well we’ve been in Auckland for nearly a week now and it’s fantastic. Me and Mark have loved every minute, we’ve shopped, eaten at nice resturants and see lots of amazing things. We took a boat trip out into the harbour yesterday and it was beautiful. We also went up the sky tower today its very very high with views as far as the eye can see.

As from tommorrow were on the road travelling all the way to christchurch with many adventerous stops along the way. we will be posting photos as soon as we can but it proving quite expensive to do so.

update u soon

You may have seen on the news this week about a eruption of a Volcano near Tonga in the pacific – due to this and the flooding in Fiji caused by the large waves from the eruption we had to leave….

Only joking! I may have felt a slight ripple in the sea whilst supping on a cocktail (thanks Paul & Jane!) under the sun.

Fiji was truly beautiful and a complete unspoilt paradise. On our last day myself and Charlotte took a boat out into the sea to go snorkeling. The boat and it’s crew (Benny!) took us out into the middle of the ocean and suddenly informed us that this was our entry point and that below us was a huge coral marine reserve.

Charlotte asked worriedly “will there be any sharks?” Benny replied “If you’re lucky!” Earlier that day I had spoken to a local fisherman who had informed  me the ocean was full of Tiger Sharks, Mako Sharks, Barracuda, Sea Snakes and other exotic creatures such as Sea Turtles.

We reluctantly put on our flippers, goggles and snorkels and I jumped in first (Charlotte refusing until she had witnessed my survival!)…

Well what followed was one of the most amazing experiences we have ever had. The boat sped off and Benny told us he would wait at the end of the coral and pick us back up. The colours and the fish were just indescribable but I will try to anyway. In the middle of the sea there was this massive mass of different colours, plants, coral, fish all mixed in together. It really was like being in ‘Finding Nemo’! Coral stretched out for as far as the eye could see, crevices, ledges and caves would appear below that stretched off into the the murky depths with shadows of unknown fish circling in and out. Huge anenemies housed schools of colourful fish including to mine and Charlottes delight Nemo, Dory and Gil! Alas we didnt see any sharks thankfully but as we swam along the coral edge dropoff we witnessed some large fish.

We left Fiji the following day to head to Auckland, of which the flight was only 3 hours long.

hi everyone so sorry about the major delay on updating the blog but we’ve had a few issues. The flight wasn’t the nicest of flights, it was very bumpy all the way. After arriving at the resort we had lunch then did a little exploring. The resort is beautiful and the people are so friendly and helpful ( hopefully when mark feels better he’ll put some pictures on for you to see).  We’re right on the beach front and we watched the most lovely sunset last night. You have to watch your feet on the beach because there are crabs everywhere and when we did go in the sea, the fish just swim right up to your feet. The first few days were lovely clear blue sky, nice and hot, but after that we have had lots and lots of rain and cloud. Still rather be here lol!

update you soon love lottie

After a mad rush to get out of the hotel we arrived a the airport an hour early (thanks dad! lol). The new terminal five was very diffferent we first had to check ourselves in, then we had to get the underground to get to our gate so we had no time to shop or sit down :(. Its really unfair that they walk you through business class first then you arrive at your cramped sit, admittedly we did manage to get three seats between us! So after an 11 hour flight the shuttle taxi thought it would be funny for us to spend 2 hours travelling to the hotel because he seemed to drop everyone off before us even though we were in the taxi first! oh well, after thelong journey and time changes wejust collapsed for the night.

The next morning we spent a couple of hours  trying to get our bearings we realsied that universal studios is a two minute walk up the road. It was an amazing day we went a tours, saw shows and went on all the rides but again no shopping for charlotte :(!

update you soon! lottie xxx